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Friday, November 16, 2007

Holiday sex? Not with an ex...

Okay, I usually don't make a habit of turning to the Today Show for sex advice, but they were discussing an interesting topic this week — sex with an ex during the holidays.

The holidays are marketed as this time when people come closer together — we're all supposed to be nostalgic and emotional, giving thanks for the sweeter things in life like family and love. Well, what if you're single, living alone and far away from family?

Waxing nostalgic alone, amidst twinkling lights and copious amount of eggnog can make us do crazy things — like call the asshole ex we dumped and asking him or her to come over and "deck the halls." Or, what if you go home for the holidays and run into your high school sweetheart in the stuffing aisle of the grocery store? The holidays are disarming, and I caution you to choose your bedfellows wisely — hooking up with same old elf could leave you with the same old lump of coal.

The Today Show's advice? Dr. Laura Berman suggests finding a new mate under the mistletoe, rather than seeking out a ghost of Christmas past. She says, "Embrace your single freedom, and have a happy holiday — instead of a potentially drama-filled one!"

Cheers, Dr. Berman.


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