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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How Do They Do That?

Menshealth I'm flabbergasted. I just read an article in Men's Health that says 29 percent of the 213 women surveyed said they had experienced an orgasm from nipple stimulation alone.

What?! Really?

I've heard about nipple orgasms before but always put them in the same category as world peace and the Easter Bunny — nice to think about, but not likely to exist.

Heck, I'm in awe of women of who can have strictly vaginal orgasms — without clitoral stimulation, my orgasm is doomed. So how is it possible to have an orgasm from nipple lovin' alone? Is it all in the mind? Are these women all one with their bodies and universe, able to come at the mere the mention of pleasure? Do I need to do more yoga?

Readers, help me out. Have you ever witnessed or had one of these elusive breast orgasms? What's the trick?

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