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Monday, November 05, 2007

Vroom Vroom

Carvibe_2 I admit it. I have found myself, on some mornings, driving to work while simultaneously talking on the phone, applying makeup and scarfing down whatever I grabbed for breakfast on my way out the door. Smart? No. Efficient? Maybe.

As if all of life's more mundane distractions weren't enough while driving, Love Honey has come out with the Erotic Car Seat Seduction Massager. This vibrating cushion plugs into your car's power adapter and pumps the goods to four main parts of the seat. Yep, you can find other seat massagers on the market, but Love Honey says their massager focuses on four main "treasured pleasure points."

I clearly don't need any further car distractions, but if you find yourself stuck in traffic during your commute (like between downtown Burlington and every 89 on-ramp) — this could be a good way to keep it in drive. Just, please, put down the cell phone, eyeliner and latte. Okay?

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