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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Your Turn

Hey Readers,

With 2007 rapidly coming to a close, it's time to get ready for that all-important event — your New Year's Eve kiss! Some of you might be smacking lips with the same person you've kissed for the past 25 years, and some of you might be looking forward to a drunken smooch with a stranger — whatever the case, I want your tips and advice for laying down the best New Year's Eve kiss ever.

Email me with your funny, serious, sarcastic or thoughtful dos and don'ts (feel free to relay personal anecdotes, too). The best of the bunch will make it into Seven Days on Wednesday, December 26. Your identity will be kept a secret, so don't hold back!

One catch: I need your input soon! We have early holiday deadlines, so please email me by this Friday, December 14 at noon.


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