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Monday, December 10, 2007


Awkward Out at a bar this weekend, this guy was wearing a t-shirt that said, "An Awkward Morning Beats A Boring Night." I love it when people advertise their willingness to go home with anything that moves — makes the process a lot easier for me.

But, the t-shirt got me thinking — is the awkwardness always worth it? As I've matured, I've become much more discerning. For instance, I'm not going to go home with you unless I'm pretty damn sure you can handle what I'm going to dish out. (I guess my t-shirt would read, "A Boring Night Alone Is Better Than A Boring Night With You.")

My t-shirt ponderings lead to an amusing conversation with some friends later that evening. I asked them: When you're about to hook up with someone, what are your deal breakers? One of my girlfriends said she was tired of having to give the guy a ride home afterward, so he has to have a car or be willing to hop a cab in the morning — the silence or small talk during the car ride was too awkward for her to handle. A guy friend said he always asks about pets before going home with someone — he had a situation once where the woman owned approximately twelve cats, and he couldn't breathe in the house (not hot).

How about you? Have any one-night stand stories to relay? Anything you have to know before hooking up with a stranger? Deal breakers?  It's Monday. C'mon. Amuse me.


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