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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Sure Cure

A number of my friends have the same problem: If they don't eat, they become cranky, irritable and downright miserable. Luckily, they all seem to know this about themselves and take care not to go hungry (most of the time). I never miss a meal, so what can I blame my irrationally bad mood on?

According to Rose Rivera, founder of, I can blame it on lack of sex. (Careful, is not recommended for work viewing.) Rivera explains that because humans innately crave sex (for procreation, survival of the fittest, etc), it's only natural that our bodies would give us cues when we've gone too long without getting laid. Further, she expresses that we have varying lack-of-sex thresholds — meaning that while some of us get cranky when we haven't had sex in 24 hours, some of us can go months without being adversely affected (however, I think people in the latter category are aliens).

Wondering if you're showing signs of sex deprivation? Here's a short list of behaviors that may indicate you need some lovin':

    * General and mounting irritability (huh-huh, "mounting" irritability)
    * Overall feeling of frustration without knowing the cause
    * Feeling stressed for "no reason"
    * Excessive/lack of hunger or sleep
    * Anger and/or other unexplainable negative emotions toward your partner
    * Vivid sexual dreams that may lead to wet dreams for both men and women

Uh. Really? I am currently exhibiting five out of the six behaviors. I'm not hungry, so apparently I need sex RIGHT NOW.

What about you? How long can you go before lack of sex starts to affect you negatively?


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