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Friday, February 01, 2008

Theme Song

About two years ago, some months after my first big breakup and a few weeks into a rampant sex binge, my best friend said to me, "I found your theme song."

That song was "The Taste of You" by Erin McKeown, a swinging little ditty about promiscuity.

Here's a snippet, so you can get the gist:

I want a kiss in the morning
That's all I need
Just a little kiss in the morning
Don't want no guarantees
I am not looking for love
You don't see me on my knees
Just a kiss in the morning
Is all I need

Pretty accurate, although I was often on my knees — just not begging for love. The song suited me at the time and — for the time being — still does.

So, last night at the Seven Days Hot Ticket show at Higher Ground featuring Erin McKeown, I enthusiastically called out my theme song when she asked the crowd for requests. To my surprise, she obliged me.

She let the crowd in on the story behind my song — it's about strippers. Fitting, sort of, yet it got me thinking: When will I be singing a different tune? How long does it take to actually sow one's oats?

Don't get me wrong, it's been a fun ride — but even the best ride in the park makes you nauseous after one too many times.

Questions for you, oh wise readers: When did you know it was time to march to the beat of a different drummer? When and how did you look for more than "a kiss in the morning" and goodbye?

Tell me. What's your story?


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