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Monday, April 21, 2008


Can you guess what this pixilated picture is?


No, it's not happy bunnies playing in a field. It's Lil' Kim's vagina, in four pixels, taken from concert footage circa 2003.

And this one?

Leonardo DiCaprio's penis, in nine pixels, taken by the paparazzi.

These completely unsatisfying photos are part of, a site willing to show you celebrity skin — in twenty-five pixels or less. Hmm . . . could it be that they want to frustrate us to no end? Or could it be social commentary on the state of today's celebrity and how it's affecting us? Between Britney flashing her snatch every 5 seconds and reality television stars posing for Playboy, could we be at risk of desensitizing ourselves to hotness of the human form?

Don't get me wrong, I like nudity and slutty celebs as much as the next person, but isn't it all getting to be a bit much? Seriously. I've seen Li-Lo's nipple so many times, I may as well be looking at PixiPorn.

Happy Monday.

PS. I discovered PixiPorn via Fleshbot (not cubicle- or kid-friendly).

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