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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

That's a Wrap

Sex 2.0 was all I hoped it would be and more. From pole dancing to learning how to become a phone sex operator, Sex 2.0 was fascinating, informative and fun. The sex nerds at the conference are all aces in their various fields, and I learned much about world wild web.

It would be impossible for me to recap the entire experience, so here is a list of ten observations and highlights from the conference.

1. When in doubt, booty out.

Sex 2.0 kicked off Friday night with a pole dancing party for the ladies. Conference organizer, Amber Rhea, lead our group of sexy geeks in a rousing pole routine. Amber is an advanced-level pole dancer at the Pole La Teaz dance studio in Atlanta, so she never messed up. But, for the rest of us, we learned a very important lesson: If you fall, fail or otherwise fuck up, stick your booty in the air, and you'll save your performance. I accomplished a fireman's spin and collected an impressive number of purple bruises along my legs and forearms. Yummy.


In the photo, from left to right (roughly): Furry Girl, Melissa Gira, Elizabeth Wood, Renegade Evolution, Kimberlee Cline, Amber Rhea (on the pole, of course), Minx, Audacia Ray, Kristi Kane and Jennifer.

2. Getting an iPhone will only feed my new addiction to Twitter.

As many of us in Vermont are painfully aware, we are still months away from getting AT&T service and the iPhone. After being with all the folks geeking out with their iPhones at Sex 2.0, I should probably count my lucky stars that I don't have one — because I'd Twitter all the time.

My favorite Twitter sent from an iPhone this weekend? Definitely Ellie Lumpesse's tweet from the stage, tits out, at the Flesh and Fetish Ball on Saturday night:


3. I have a lot to learn about sex workers rights.

And I plan to start by reading Bound, Not Gagged, a blog where sex workers voices can be heard. At Friday's pole party, I met Stacey Swimme, current sex worker and cofounder of Bound, Not Gagged. I also spent some time with blog contributor Renegade Evolution, one of the most kick ass women I've ever met. For more, check out the Desiree Alliance — an organization doing direct outreach and advocacy work for sex workers.

4. "Don't put your dick in a crazy."

One of the cardinal rules of polyamory, according to Minx. Check out her site for more information and resources about living a happy, healthy poly lifestyle.

5.  A yo-yo can be an erotic implement.

I started conference day by attending Rachel Kramer Bussel's Erotic Writing 101 workshop, where a few brave souls read aloud. One particular excerpt included someone being bound with a yo-yo, which, while amusing, sounded totally delightful.

Then again, in the presence of Ms. Bussel, I could find anything erotic.

6. Viviane really knows how to be a sex blogger.

Check out Funkybrownchick's live blog of Viviane's session on How to Be a Sex Blogger. And be sure to check out Viviane's Sex Carnival. The name says it all.

7. "You think BDSM is weird? I'm like, hey, isn't that your wife over there with three dicks in her ass?"

After the conference on Saturday, I attended the Flesh and Fetish Ball, a monthly party at 1763. The party is a bit unique because it welcomes BDSM practitioners, swingers and everything in between — groups that generally host separate events. When I inquired about the intermingling subcultures, the party promoter said he prefers when groups support one another. He then followed with, "You think BDSM is weird? I'm like, hey, isn't that your wife over there with three dicks in her ass?" Point taken.

8. Men in fishnet stockings turn me on.

I've always loved the way balls look when they're hugged by fishnets. While I sadly didn't get to see Eternal Apprentice's family jewels, I did get to check out his sexy legs all night at the Flesh and Fetish Ball.  He also looks good in panties, as evidenced in this photo by Melissa Gira:


9. Sometimes I wish I were a gay male.

Allow me to introduce you to jbrotherlove.

10. We all need community.

For me, the best thing about Sex 2.0 was getting to shed a layer of anonymity and allow people to see the face of Mistress Maeve. Of course, I couldn't be photographed or recorded, but I was able to be myself around an amazing group of likeminded people.

That's all for now, but you'll hearing more about what I learned and the people I met in the future.

Want more now? Check out Audacia Ray's video wrap up at Naked City.

Blissfully conferenced,


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