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Monday, May 12, 2008

Meet Your Match

Since returning from the Sex 2.0 conference, I've been listening to more podcasts about sex, mainly by people who were at the conference. Reading blogs is great, but actually getting to hear people talk about sex — bodies, partners, orgasms, kinks, fetishes — is so much more personal. I've always been more aural.

Over the weekend, I listened to the latest podcast by Match — a lovely individual I met in Atlanta who's into body modification of all sorts, including piercing, scarification, blood play and needles. What's great about Match is his openness, humor and sincerity about his proclivities. In his latest installment, Match gives us a public service announcement: "If someone comes at your penis with a sharp object, do yourself a favor and say no."

Apparently, Match is down for sharp objects touching his skin just about anywhere, except his penis (or, his "schpeep" — an endearing pet name for his member, pronounced shpee-pee, that kept me giggling all day). If you'd like to hear what happened when Match allowed his play partner to graze his schpeep with a scalpel, have a listen to the podcast. Clearly, this is not work-friendly, so put your headphones on.

Nicks, cuts and kisses,

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