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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Radio Daze

Driving to work this morning, I was flipping through radio stations and came to rest upon Mike and Chantal in the Morning on 95 Triple X. I tuned in just in time to hear Chantal say something to the effect of, "thirty-eight percent of men report being too shy to ask for what they want in bed." To which, Mike responded with something like, "That's the gay men."

Wait. What?

Apparently Mike is under the impression that gay men still hide their sexual predilections for fear of. . . what? Ridicule? Violence? In my experience, gay men are the most open when it comes to telling their partners — and, in some cases, the whole world — exactly what they like in bed. Luckily, Chantal set Mike straight (so to speak).

But, Mike's mistake isn't the point of this post (after listening to Mike and Chantal for years, I'm fairly certain Mike has no issues with the gays). The point of this post is this: Why are men afraid to tell their partners what they want in bed?

I've never been a girl to say no to much of anything, so I'm always somewhat surprised to hear about women who balk at doing it doggy style or refuse to put their husbands' penises in their mouths (two of my most-favorite things). Now seems like the perfect time for a disclaimer: CLEARLY, if a woman is morally opposed to certain sex acts, or if specific acts bring up less-than-happy memories for her, she shouldn't do them. However, if these oppositions are being communicated clearly and effectively to the male partners, why would they be afraid to discuss their other desires? Religious/family guilt? Embarrassment? Not wanting to "taint" lily-white female partners by doing it dirty?

Okay. So, I really have no point. Do you?  I'm interested in hearing your thoughts about why 38% of men would be afraid to share with their partners (straight or gay).


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