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Thursday, May 01, 2008

SGF Seeking...

I received this letter a while ago, and, to be honest, I haven't answered it yet because I didn't know what to say...

Mistress Maeve,

Where o'where are all the lovely lesbians of Central Vermont? I have looked in del and glen and overturned many a rock only to be disappointed by nothing more than a few bits of lichen and a grub or two clinging w/ mighty tenacity to said upturned rock.

It seems that all the ladies in VT are old Birkenstock-wearing, flannel-sporting, and — in some unfortunate cases — mullet-quaffed couples that have long since "submerged to the urge to merge." Either that or they are teeny boppers from UVM. Is there a Mecca of luscious ladies (30ish) that are professional and well-heeled? It should not be so difficult to get laid, start a real relationship or have a substantial queer community.


Withering Away in VT

Withering is right. Where are all the unattached, 30-something queer women in Vermont, and how do you date them? (I realize that Withering only referenced "Central" Vermont, but in a state our size, sometimes you have to be willing to travel.)

135 Pearl is gone, and I think we're probably the only state in the union without a gay bar. But, what if you don't like meeting people in bars, anyway? A quick search of a handful of dating sites turned up some seemingly cool profiles, but only just a few. (By the by, I found the most attractive collection to be on Two to Tango —€” however biased that might sound).

The good news is: they're out there. The even better news is: there are several upcoming events where you might be able to catch a glimpse of the elusive single lesbian Vermonter. Here's a short list and links:

First Friday: Originally started at 135 Pearl as Womyn's Night, First Friday carries on the tradition and invites the boys to come out to play, too. Stop by Higher Ground this Friday (tomorrow) for dancing and live music! First Friday drew over 300 people last time, so you're sure to find some singles in the crowd.

RU12? Community Dinner: A fabulous dinner and auction mark this annual community event happening on Saturday, May 31. Dress to impress and DO NOT MISS the keynote speaker, Dan Savage — one of my heroes. You may know him from his wildly popular column, Savage Love.

Pride Vermont:
Check out the website for all of this year's related Pride activities (mostly happening on or around July 12). Parade, cruise, parties and more.

Whew! Lots of fun events to check out — and plenty of hotties to check out, too.

Oh, and a note to Withering: Don't count out the Birkenstock-wering, flannel-sporting, mullet-quaffed ladies just yet. They might surprise you.


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