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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Daily Affirmation

While grabbing coffee at a local market this morning, I noticed two things:

1. A hot guy at the salad bar (who I smiled at and shamelessly checked out as I walked by)
2. Everyone working at the market looked particularly attractive and cute

As I rolled up to the checkout, hot-salad-bar-guy got in line behind me. Sweet.

The woman ringing me up complimented my necklace. I thanked her and openly told her that everyone working there was having a "cute day." She said I was having a "cute day," too. Then, hot-salad-bar-guy piped up and said something like, "Everyday can be cute day. You just have to decide you're cute."

Wow, such wisdom for 10a.m. on a Wednesday. The three of us continued flirting and complimenting each other until I reluctantly took my leave.

Two things to take from this post:

1. You can attract the people you want by smiling and being open.
2. If you decide you're cute, you're cute.

So, tomorrow — you're cute.

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