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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Outlook Good

Dear Mistress Maeve:

Is it possible for a pussy to get more beautiful?

I'm in my forties and have been seeing a wonderful guy for about six months. I'm also getting the best sex of my life on a regular basis. Never before have I looked at my pussy and thought it was lovely, but my guy tells me it is beautiful, and I swear: It is getting prettier every day. It's certainly getting more exercise than ever before! But is it really possible — after having three kids and being in my forties — that it actually can get prettier, or is this just a delightful hallucination?

Seeing things in a while new light,


Dear C,

Congrats on your new relationship — with your boyfriend and your vagina.

I suspect you know this, but your pussy hasn't changed — your outlook has. When we feel desired and wanted, we begin to see our bodies as attractive and sexy. However, the key is to understand that we don't need someone else to make us feel this way. It's great that you found a partner who will affirm the prettiness of your pussy, but bear in mind that your vagina looks the same regardless of your relationship status.

Beauty, whether we're talking vaginas or other body parts, comes from within. If we decide to see ourselves as beautiful, that confidence radiates outward so that others may see our beauty as well.
Hang on to this newfound confidence and don't let it go. Your pussy — regardless of age or relationship status  — will always be pretty, so long as you believe it to be true.

In pussy prettiness,

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