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Monday, August 18, 2008


I just read an interesting article over at Boinkology on DADD — Dating Attention Deficit Disorder. The question, according to author, is "Has the web turned us into a generation incapable of having a long enough attention span to develop a monogamous relationship?"

Perhaps I'm just looking for an answer to my own perpetual singlehood, but I think this is a valid question.

Really, think about it — if you're a single person taking advantage of all the Internet has to offer, why would you "settle" on one partner when you could possibly meet someone new on, ISpy someone at Seven Days, randomly hook up at Craigslist or rekindle your high school romance on Facebook? As one commenter on Boinkology points out, the Internet helps perpetuate the "grass is always greener mentality."

What do you think? Is dating and sex made too complicated by the all the online outlets we have?

You can read the short article here. And, can someone tell me what's up with the freaky photo they chose to illustrate this topic?!

Happy Monday,

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