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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

College Dating 101

Dear Mistress Maeve:

I haven't had a girlfriend in a while. I'm not really lonely, but it would be nice. I know I'm not that bad looking, because I always catch girls staring at me in class and stuff. Any tips on how to get a good girl at college? I'm a little rusty and nervous.

College Guy


Dear College Guy,

Opportunities to meet "good girls" abound at college. It sounds like you're in a good place to start dating — not too lonely or desperate. Relax, don't be over-anxious, and follow these handy tips:

Do smile at the girls who are staring at you in class. Confident guys are sexy — try chatting up your favorite cute coed after the lecture.

Don't wait until Thanksgiving break to get a haircut or wash your sheets.

Do use social networking sites to your advantage. You don't want to be an Internet stalker, but you should friend-request acquaintances you'd like to get to know better.

When you meet a girl you like, don't call her "dude."

Do participate in community service projects organized by your school. If you want to meet a "good girl," getting to know someone while helping the community is a good start.

Don't be a knucklehead — study hard and don't do too many keg stands. You're more apt to find a worthy mate in the library, not at a frat party.

When you're ready to take a relationship to the next level, do practice safe sex. Safe is smart, and smart is sexy.

Above all, be yourself. Find a group of friends who share your ideals, and don't bend your beliefs for anyone — especially not a prospective date. Follow this guideline, along with those listed above, and you'll find your college romance in no time.

Crackin' the whip and the books,

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