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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cyber Exes

Rachel over at Positively Sexy posted an interesting entry yesterday about "cyber exes." As easy as it is to keep up with people via social networking sites, do we hang on to our exes too long? Sure, some exes remain genuine friends, thereby making it perfectly acceptable to check out their status updates and wall postings on Facebook. But, what about the exes you broke up with for a reason who just remain on your friends list? Why do you care if they're drinking a latte or if they change their relationship status? Maybe it's time to cut the cord? Rachel says:

"Evaluate and decide: would you invest this much time in your ex if it meant seeing them face-to-face? If not, it's time to cut the e-heartstrings and move on."

Now there's some virtual food for thought.

Happy deleting,

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