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Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's a Small World

I had the funniest "small world" moment last night while doing research for a post on unusual body fetishes. I was originally interested in learning more about armpit fetishes and armpit sex (an act of "outercourse" where the phallus slides through a lubed armpit). But, as usual, my research took me in directions I never imagined. I ended up looking at long list of body-related fetishes and kinks on Kasidie: The Lifestyle Magazine (careful, link is not work friendly). The most unusual fetish listed was zit popping.

You might be thinking, "Gross!" But still, while I don't find popping things erotic, I do find it strangely satisfying. So I clicked the link.

After watching a few videos where people had things lanced, popped and squeezed (it's like watching a slow motion accident; you can't look away), I clicked on a video that showed a woman hunched over while two people worked to extract something from her back. While there were no faces in the video, I recognized a familiar voice — my college girlfriend's.

Not being able to think of a better reason to call an old flame, I dialed her up and asked her if she had uploaded a zit popping video to the Internet. Through laughter, she explained that the video featured her sister's back with various family members helping to pop a monster back blemish. While we both thought it was hilarious that I recognized her voice, she was not as thrilled to find out that the video she posted on YouTube for friends and family to see was now on a fetish website.

Consider yourself warned: Just about anything can be fetishized, thereby making any video you put on YouTube a possible fetish sensation. (And your college girlfriend might find it.)


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