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Monday, October 06, 2008

Sex, (Truth) and Videotape

We live in a video-crazed culture. You can take video with virtually every piece of technology you own — computers, cell phones, digital cameras. You can even purchase a mini digital video camera for under $200. Consequently, your website, blog and Facebook page aren't cool unless you include video — but what about your sex life?

I've spent most of my sexual existence being scared of putting myself on film for fear of it being discovered — or worse, fear that I don't look half as hot as I think I do while engaging in some acts. However, as video slowly takes over our lives, I'm becoming more comfortable with the idea of inviting video playback into my bedroom.

How about you? How have you used video to enhance your sex life? Positives vs. negatives?  You can comment anonymously, of you prefer — just make up a name and skip the email and website fields.


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