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Friday, November 07, 2008

Does your insurance cover that?

I spent election night with some friends and noticed one of my girlfriends kept flinching every time she made a quick move or leaned over to pick up her drink.

"What's with the pained look?" I asked.

"My abs are KILLING me," she explained.

"Oh. Working out more?" I inquired.

"Nope. Strenuous sex," she replied with a slight sneer.


Realizing that I, too, was nursing some minor sheet-romping ailments (a pulled calf muscle and hip flexor), I decided to research this topic a little further. According to a reader poll at MSNBC, 44.2% of respondents reported having experienced a sex injury — with 3.2% saying the injury resulted in a trip to the emergency room. Emergency room? Egads! The corresponding article outlined stories about broken penises (mostly caused when men "get all pile-drivery and they miss the bull's-eye"), fractured hip bones in elderly patients and even one story about a woman who had a painful air pocket in her abdomen caused by a close encounter with a Jacuzzi jet.

All of a sudden I'm feeling very fortunate that my injuries, and my friend's, are so minor. How about you? What's the worst (best?) sex injury you've ever sustained?


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