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Monday, November 03, 2008

Friendly Fact-finding

While researching my answer to this week's question about male multiple orgasms, I thought to ask one of my male confidantes for his input. This particular friend is well rounded and experienced when it comes to sex — not to mention uber confident — and I thought if anyone would know about male multiples, it would be him. So, I emailed him.

To my disappointment, he had never experienced multiples. However, to my delight, he responded to my question with a lengthy reply explaining — in detail — how he continues to believe his member will rise again like the mighty phoenix after ejaculation, only to find that his physiological response doesn't match his mental fortitude.

With his permission, I'm posting his response for you.

It's no secret — guys love sex. We love having sex, thinking about sex, looking at pictures of sex, watching videos of sex, talking about sex, bragging about the sex we're having, complaining about the sex we're not having... you name it and if it has to do with sex, we love it. There is, however, one thing that most guys I know, myself included, will concede is better than sex.


The thing is, there have been many, many times that I've been in the company of a woman and during the course of foreplay and making out, had her go down on me. If I'm feeling fully aroused and we've been building the appropriate amount of tension, I tend to let my thoughts run away with me. At some point, it starts to seem like the harder my dick gets the more powerful I become, like some kind of superhuman porn star. As soon as a woman's mouth closes over the head of my cock, I get a sensation of ultimate relaxation and bliss. I also keep thinking about sex. While I'm getting this blowjob, I'm thinking about fucking. I'm feeling this blowjob, watching this blowjob, and thinking about every blowjob I've ever had or fantasized about having, as well as every sex experience and fantasy I can conjure. It's not a means to get or stay turned on, it's more like an involuntary reflex.

So at some point during these blowjobs I often get the idea that I am going to really show this woman what my mighty cock is capable of. In my newfound role as the mega-dick porn-king I determine that I want her to make me come, and then keep sucking me until I get hard again so that I can fuck her senseless, thus asserting my male dominance and impressing her with what is certain to be the most thorough working over that she's had in some time.

Right up until we reach the end of phase one, I am convinced that I am so turned on that nothing could disrupt my noble plans. As I am about to come I feel like there could be no man in history who has been in the command of such a powerful sexual drive and energy. With the first surges of my orgasm I envision my exhausted member reviving itself in the care of the woman's mouth, rising to conquer once again. I am ready.

Then, as soon as I come, something happens. A whole sector of my central nervous system seems to shut down, taking half of my brain with it. I lose most of my drive, as well as a good potion of my ability to use my mouth and vocal chords to form words of any kind. In the occasional instances where I have managed to maintain my train of thought and try to see my plan through, I find that physiologically I am incapable of getting a hardon, at least not right away. Generally a 15 to 20 minute break can be sufficient time to recalibrate before I'm ready to go on, but I don't know if that constitutes multi-orgasmic, as some "downtime" is definitely required.

I could go on a bit more, and maybe I'll try to continue tomorrow, but it's getting late and I've got to work bright and early. I hope that was at least entertaining, if not actually useful.

Entertaining, indeed. Thanks for the input, and... uh... keep it coming.


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