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Friday, November 21, 2008

Shop Local!

Like any good Vermonter, I try to shop local when I can — including getting my pet accoutrements at the locally-owned Pet Food Warehouse. Aside from having a large selection of everything for my pets, the sales staff will graciously carry out the oversized bags of pet food to my car. If I'm lucky, it's a burly, bearded Vermonter-type guy hauling the heavy bags out on his broad shoulders, but I digress...

Bobbyblake This added customer service sets PFW apart from the national chains and is usually much appreciated; however, today, I had a close call with what would have been a very embarrassing moment. As you can imagine, writing this blog, people like to send me lots of books and toys to write about and enjoy. I usually do a very good job at keeping these things hidden as I transport them back and forth from my office to home. So, you can imagine my shock — and embarrassing horror — when I opened my trunk today to allow the sales person to deposit a 10-pound bag of cat food and saw My Life In Porn: The Bobby Blake Story staring up at me (and I do mean "staring" —  check out the book jacket).

Now, I wouldn't be telling you this story if I actually thought the guy saw the book — I think I managed to shove it under other stuff before he noticed. But — whew! — that was a close call.

The moral of the story? Shop local, but make sure you don't have any junk in your trunk.

Happy Friday,

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