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Monday, December 29, 2008

Making good on resolutions

Thanks for all the feedback regarding my suggestions for 2009 resolutions. It appears that many of you are in full support of #4: Try girl-on-guy strap-on sex. Your comments and letters have re-sparked my own interest in strapping it on — so much so that I ordered a new harness and dildo from Babeland. I figured I'd show you what I got, since it was your encouragement that initiated my impulse buy.

For the harness, I went with the Spareparts Joque model. I never thought I'd choose anything but leather for a harness, but this one is made out of super-comfortable, durable swimsuit-like material — plus, you can throw it into the washing machine for easy cleaning. For the dildo, I went with the Leo — not too big, not too small. I chose the sparkly silver color — it is the holidays, after all.

If you're interested in seeing how these bits work, check out this educational video about the Spareparts harness from Babeland. There's no nudity, but you might want to put your headphones on if you're within earshot of coworkers.

Who knows? Maybe I'll ring in 2009 with a bang. . .


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