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Monday, January 19, 2009

Reminder: Shave the Date! (And 1/2 Off Brazilian Waxes!)

Nobush4 It's Bush's last day in office — finally. For those of you looking for a fun way to mark the occasion, I remind you of the "Shave the Date" campaign launched by the Mominatrix, encouraging you to shave your body clean of bush. She says, "Show your love for your country, and as you watch our new president take his oath and feel your satin undies against your smooth nether region, you can take pride in knowing you've rid your world of bush once and for all."

A local business — Cynthea's Spa — is helping you get rid of bush by offering 1/2 off all Brazilian waxes tomorrow (1/20/09 only)! To book your appointment, call (802) 238-7524.

For those of you who plan to oust bush yourself, check out the Mominatrix for women's shaving tips and my tips for guys.

Later, Bush.

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