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Monday, March 23, 2009

Family Vacation

Last night, I viewed some spectacular photos taken by two friends who recently took a romantic 7-day cruise around South America. There I sat —a pasty-white Vermonter who hasn't tasted real sunshine since October, pining away for the sandy beaches and clear waters of Mexico. Jealous? Sure, anyone with my severe vitamin D deficiency would be — especially when they mentioned the kind parent who'd helped pay for their trip. Lucky!

But, before I could curse my family too much for not being rich enough to send me on vacation, I happened across an essay called "Family Vacation" by Joe Lazauskas (via Lazauskas describes what happened when his mother offered to pay for an all-inclusive vacation for him and his girlfriend — to Hedonism III, a sex resort. As if that wasn't enough boundary testing, his mother and her partner would be joining them. Is there a doctor (Freud) in the house?

You can read the essay here.

Happy Monday,

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