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Friday, May 15, 2009

Sexy Signs of Summer

Ah, summer — undoubtedly the sexiest time of year. Aside from the obvious fact that people are wearing less clothing, I have some other sexy signs of summer to share with you:

1. The smell of suntan lotion

Protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays is smart, but that coconut-like smell is also sexy! It's all over the place when you go to the beach, but I love it when someone walks by you in a store or shows up to a meeting with the faint smell of "I've been basking my hot body in the sun" all over them. Meow.

2. Motorcycles

Does this one really need any explaining? Men and women who put an engine between their thighs are HOT.

3. Pedicured toes

I've never been much of a foot fetishist, but I do appreciate a cute sandal or peep-toe shoe with a brightly-painted pedicure. And, a note for the guys: Man sandals (or, "mandals") can work for you — but, please, take care of your toe nails. Nothing will get you kicked out of my bed faster than a snaggle-toe.

4. Armpits

A hint of body odor can be sexy (notice I say, "a hint" — I'm not interested in taking a whiff after you've returned from 4 days with Phish at Red Rocks this summer). In the summertime, bodies have this healthy glisten of sweat, and it reminds me of the post-sex glow.

5. Camping

Leaving behind the computer, cell phone and stress of everyday life allows us to get back to raw basics and human instincts. Doing it under the stars, like the animals we are, is so sexy. Just watch out for the poison ivy...

What about you? What are your sexy signs of summer?


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