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Monday, October 12, 2009

"Big" News

Manhunt I somehow missed this September 16 blog post from the House of LeMay reporting that Vermont ranks 34th out of 51 in the Manhunt penis poll (apparently this contest is run like Ms. America -- 50 states plus the District of Columbia).

According to the study, Vermont men report an average length of 7.16" in length — not bad, considering the national average is somewhere closer to 5.5" (erect, of course). The top prize goes to the men of the Washington D.C., coming in at a whopping 7.59". The least well-endowed state goes to Alaska, but as Amber LeMay points out, you have to consider "shrinkage."

While this pole... errr, poll... is entirely unscientific, it's mighty entertaining. Just one question: What about girth?


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