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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Vant To Suck Your Venis

Cans The world has gone Vampire crazy. With Twilight and "True Blood" clogging up our pop culture veins, we're ready to bleed for Edward and Vampire Bill -- and some of us like that idea.

Fleshjack (makers of Fleshlight) came up with a positively spooky way to capitalize on our fang fantasies with Count Cockula -- a soft, fleshy canal with an opening shaped like Brad Pitt's pretty mouth in Interview with a Vampire. Here's what Fleshjack has to say:

Polish up your stake and drive it into this soft, vampire mouth for an orgasm that will wake the living dead. Packing the same punch as the original Fleshjacks but housed in a compact soda can and featuring the exclusive Vampire Fang inner canal texture not found on any other Fleshjack product.

If you've ever wanted a lap dance at Fangtasia, this just might be the product for you.

Happy Halloweenie,

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