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Friday, October 02, 2009

Revv This


Vermont's auto repair industry got an injection of estrogen earlier this year when Girlington Garage opened in South Burlington. According to an article in Seven Days, owner Demeny Pollitt felt auto repair shops treated her differently because of her sex, so she got her degree from Vermont Tech and eventually started her own shop where people would be treated with respect, regardless of gender.

From what I gather, Girlington Garage has gained a strong word-of-mouth reputation for being a trustworthy and professional shop -- and their marketing is great. YouGirlington-panties can now get your own pair of official Girlington Garage panties! I'm please to see Girlington Garage embracing the undeniably sexy aspect of what they're doing. I mean, let's face it:  Smart, savvy women running an auto repair shop is HOT, and the management is capitalizing on this niche. Good for you, ladies.

For more info, check out Girlington Garage online.


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