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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bet on Wet

Dear Mistress,

Why is it that some women get really wet during sex and others do not? I've been with women who get so wet, it's almost intimidating; however, some of my partners remain mostly dry and make me wonder if they're even interested in me.

What's the deal with wetness, and how can I maneuver wet and dry without making my partner feel awkward?

Weathering the Tide


Dear Weathering,

Simply put, every vagina is different. It's nearly impossible to gauge a woman's level of arousal by wetness alone, so it's better to take it as it comes (so to speak).

Vaginal wetness can be dictated by a number of factors, including menstrual cycle and medications. I'm no pharmacist, but I've had friends complain that various medications, especially antidepressants and antihistamines, can cause vaginal dryness.

Whether the forecast is flooding or drought, you should always be prepared for the weather. Unfortunately, women are taught to be self-conscious about their bodies and can therefore be uncomfortable with their own vaginal wetness (or lack thereof). If your partner is super-wet, tell her how much you love being able to feel her arousal. By the same token, if your partner is on the drier side, be sure to keep a water-based lube handy to maximize enjoyment. Have fun with it — lube isn't a punishment, it's a slippery good time for all parties involved.

Meet you at the wet bar,

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