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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lust Online

Dear Mistress,

Sexually frustrated, thirtysomething female here who needs some help getting laid. Yeah, I said it; I need to get laid. I'm creeping up on nine months with no action, and I'm over it!

My friends and I were talking about using the Internet to find hookups. Some of them were totally freaked out by meeting strangers online — yet they have no problem having a one-night stand with a guy they just meet in a bar. I knew a girl after college who used to hook up from Craigslist all the time. What do you think? Can you share some "best practices" when it comes to hooking up online?

Have Wi-Fi, Will Travel


Dear HWWT,

While I appreciate your sexual frustration, are you sure you want to go digging through the online dirt to find your next fuck buddy? The Internet is crawling with shut-ins and idiots, and it takes a lot of work to weed out the undesirables. Plus, hooking up with strangers — whether on the Internet or at the local pub — can be extremely dangerous. Haven't you heard of the Craigslist Killer?

Despite the risks, horny web users hook up all the time on Internet sites like Craigslist and Seven Days' own Hot to Trot. If you decide to try it, write a compelling ad that outlines your desires and describes your likes and dislikes — best to be straight up and honest. Since women are the minority on hook-up sites, your ad is guaranteed to garner much attention — which also means you hold all the cards. Keep yourself safe by not posting a photo with your ad. If you strike up an email conversation with a strong candidate, you may decide to send him a photo — but you're not obliged. If you decide to meet someone offline, demand it be in a public place, and I highly recommend bringing a friend along for the initial meeting. At the very least, tell someone where you're going and whom you're meeting, and agree on a time to check in during the evening.

When looking to get laid, it's always best to find partners organically through friend or community connections. However, that's not always easy, so we turn to the World Wide Web for help. More and more, using the Internet to hook up is becoming socially acceptable, but you still have to be careful. Remember, you can always trust your gut — if something feels off, move along.


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