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Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Moment

And the award for the best Golden Globe presenter of the night goes to Robert Downey Jr. for his hilariously raunchy introduction to the Best Actress in a Comedy or Musical category.
Downey Jr. began by saying that he considers himself "a veteran of sorts," then followed up with: "I don't know if an actress can do her best work until I've slept with her..." He then goes on to weave each of the nominees, including an underaged Emma Stone, into a risque tale that neither Stone nor the other nominees -- Julianne Moore, Angelina Jolie, Annette Benning -- seemed to mind.

The end was the best part. Downey Jr. says, "Now I'm not saying that my theory doesn't hold water, but somehow all of these women rendered exquisite performances without a shred of help from me, so I guess I'm just saying, if I could, I'd give it to all five of you -- at once, right here in front of my wife, the audience and millions of viewers." Of course, he was referring to the award. . .



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