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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

This Sucks

Dear Mistress Maeve,

I am terrible at giving head. I don't know what it is, but I simply cannot do it. It gags me and hurts my jaw terribly. Yet I continue to try, because my boyfriend loves it. He's an incredible lover, and I want to give him what he deserves. Is there some kind of blow-job secret I haven't tried yet?

This Sucks


Dear This Sucks,

If your boyfriend "loves it," you're probably not terrible at giving head. That said, if you're not enjoying it, you're under no obligation to keep going down on him — you should never, ever have to endure unwanted pain to have great sex. Have you shared your oral obstacles with him? If he really is an incredible lover, he will listen to your concerns and work with you to find a solution. For instance, you could alternate short stints of sucking with using your hand (hand jobs really are a lost art form…).

If you're determined to keep trying, perhaps you should think about positioning. If he's lying on his back or sitting while you're coming at him from above, his erection is most likely pointed straight into the roof of your mouth, forcing you to jut your lower jaw out to accommodate him. Instead, try a 69 scenario where he’s positioned to slide easily toward the back of your throat without you having to unhinge your jaw. If gagging is an issue, wrap your hand around the base of his penis, effectively shortening the amount of his member you take in. And, hey, with him also being able to give you pleasure in this position — you may forget your blow woes altogether. 

See ya later, sucker,

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