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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Quick and Dirty

Last week we revealed the results of our biennial Sex Survey of readers. In addition to telling us all your intimate details — which include a peculiar new trend of whacking it into your coworkers' wastebaskets — some of you submitted questions to me that I will be answering here over time. A handful of you, though, had quick-and-dirty questions. I've compiled the answers here for your reading delight.

What do I do if I decide I don’t want to swallow?
Let him take aim at your chest, behind or face. If all else fails, spit.

Where would you send someone looking to meet other kinky people locally?
Vermont kinksters host several “munches” per month, or public meetups where pervy people can mix and mingle without any pressure to perform. Most are listed on — a kinky social-networking website. Kind of like Facebook, only way more fun...

Do you have a wastebasket in your office? Would you let me masturbate into it?
Yes, I do — and, no, you may not.

What if I get hot just reading the survey questions?
If you get hot just reading these questions, you’re a normal, sexual being — and any sex partner would be lucky to have you.

Do sex toys wear out? Our “little friends” are burning our butts! They didn’t when they were new.
Yes, toys wear out! Be sure to read the instructions and fine print on every toy you buy — clean them properly and adhere to the storage directions. And, for crying out loud, if your toys are burning your butts, THROW THEM AWAY!

How do you make love last?
Communication, dedication, patience and a sense of humor.

If you have a burning desire to ask me a question about love and lust, don't hesitate to email me (see right for link). Whether the question be long or short, I'm happy to answer — I'm not a size queen.

Short and sweet,

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