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February 22, 2013

The Scoreboard: This Week's Winners and Losers

ScoreBoardPaul Heintz is on a well-deserved vacation at an undisclosed location (OK, it's Dominica), so I'll be your Scoreboard host today. Without further ado, we present The Scoredboard for the week of Friday, February 22:


The Air Guard — Brig. Gen. Steven Cray's election as adjutant general puts a fighter pilot in the Vermont National Guard's proverbial cockpit. Just watch out for those F-35 helmets!

Lawmakers who want to support gun control but worry it'll cost them — Castleton's new poll should give some cover to legislators on the fence about high-capacity ammo, background checks and other gun-control measures. Runner-up winner: Jon Margolis and Vermont Public Television for scooping (with permission) Castleton's own poll results.

Six-figure salaries — Jane Knodell is earning a hefty paycheck while on leave from UVM. But it's proving a liability in her run for city council.  

Mike Kilian — The Freeps' associate editor was promoted up the Gannett corporate ladder this week when he was appointed executive editor of the Daily Times (and eight weeklies) in Salisbury, Md. Warning to Maryland record keepers: Prepare to disclose!

Gnar shredders — Jay Peak and the NEK got a two-foot dump. So why am I still sitting here at my desk?

Paul Heintz — For taking a sweet vacation in an undisclosed (but presumably sunny) location. Runner-up loser: Andy Bromage, for getting left behind to blog in his stead.

More losers after the break...

Tie Score:

Jimmy Leas — The South Burlington lawyer (and non-Guard member) only got four votes for adjutant general, though he did get a platform to rail against the F-35.

Jack Lindley — The Vermont GOP chairman thinks he's found a winning attack line in going after Shummy's use of the state airplane for a campaign fundraiser. Will it fly? 


Mentally impaired inmates — Evidently it's expensive to pay support staff to care for mentally impaired indivdiuals who pose some risk to public safety. Keeping them behind bars is apparently cheaper.

Beechcraft — Looks like they'll be one airplane sale short next year.

Soda junkies —  That three-liter of Diet Sprite could soon cost an extra buck.

Vermont Yankee haters — Despite predictions about VY's demise, the nuke plant is shutting down for another refueling. Safe, clean and refillable. 

Sickos — Pretty soon, viewing child porn will be just as illegal as downloading it.

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