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April 21, 2007

Why Can't You See My Face?

Yes -- there's a reason I'm hiding behind a bunch of Swiss chard! Sometimes I write restaurant reviews for the paper. When I do, I make reservations under different names and attempt to remain incognito -- wouldn't want extra attentive service or an especially pretty garnish to skew the review! Is it possible to maintain anonymity in a small city like Burlington? Maybe not...but I'm going to give it a try.

A couple of questions for the masses:

1) Should restaurant critics be anonymous?
2) What do you think happens when they're not?
3) Is this different in a place like Burlington vs. somewhere much larger -- and with lots more restaurants -- like New York City?

Comment away...


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Mistress Maeve

Being anonymous has its perks... *hehe*

Congrats on the blog :)


Lisa Crean

Welcome to the blogosphere, Suzanne! Love the chard disguise. I think you should change it seasonally: keep it local and fresh! Winter will be a challenge. Maybe someone can bring you back a palm frond from a tropical vacation?

Looking forward to the Omnivore dish...



Lucky, anonymous you! Some critics should be so lucky ;)


I say, forget the anonymity and become the FOOD Czar of Burlington, just think of the perks and the power (insert evil laughter here)! ;)

I really dig the maroon page accenting the veins in the red chard. Oooh la la! Makes me hungry...!? Can't wait for more Omnivore blogs!

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