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May 17, 2007

Food Stamp Diet: Post #9

My last day before I'm allowed to buy more groceries.

Breakfast: Polenta (or cornmeal mush) with cheese.
Lunch: Leftover lentil stew and tomato couscous.
Dinner: Barbecued baked beans, brown rice with cheddar, pickles that have been in the fridge forever.

The baked beans came out pretty well. I made the barbecue sauce out of most of a large can of tomato sauce (which I bought for the project). I'd used a little bit in the tomato and cheese couscous the other day. I mixed that with molasses, a little Worcestershire, a bit of cayenne pepper and some apple cider vinegar. Not bad!

I'll be posting about the project at least a few more times. I'm going to do a summation and also respond to one of the angry letters I received and which we ran in this week's paper.


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Bob Kilpatrick

This was an interesting experiment, but I bet you will be glad to be done with it. Got any plans for your first meal?

Jim Blynt

Because someone disagrees with you does not make them angry. I deeply resent your libelous characterization of my letter to the editor as "angry," and hope you will retract that statement immediately. In fact, I have received quite a lot praise for my letter, including from a state representative in Montpelier and from the individual who phoned me from Seven Days to verify that I had written it. It is fine for you to defend your project and fine to disagree with me (as I disagree with you). It is overstepping your boundaries as a journalist to publically assign emotional states to letters that are written in good faith in response to your journalism.


Hi Jim. I understand from speaking with you on the phone that you weren't feeling angry when you wrote the letter. I apologize for misinterpreting your tone. When my editors brought the letter to my attention, I appreciated (and still appreciate) how articulate you were in criticizing my project, and I agree with some of what you say. I also understand that I may not have made all of my thoughts and motivations clear in my original article about the project, and can see how some of these might have been misconstrued.

I still plan to write a blog post about the letter, and ways in which I feel it mis-characterizes both my intentions and my lifestyle. In doing so, I will not ascribe any of my feelings about the letter to the letter or the letter writer.

Thanks for taking the time to leave this feedback on the blog.

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