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May 22, 2007

Just started Animal, Vegetable, Miracle...

By Barbara Kingsolver, and I can already tell I'm in for a thoughtful and
thought-provoking treat. 51jfgzrlhjl_aa240_

The book tells how Kingsolver and her family moved across country to live in a place where they could grow much of their own food (they couldn't do so in Arizona, where they lived previously). They garden, buy from local farmers and generally spend a lot of time examining American foodways and philosophies.

The few pages I've read so far are peppered with shocking facts and beautiful prose. On the first page, Kingsolver writes, "The tall, dehydrated saguaros stood around all teetery and sucked-in like very prickly supermodels." What an apt and evocative description -- I can't wait to read more.


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Last week Barbara Kingsolver gave a fantastic reading on Animal, Vegetable, Miracle in Harvard Square (Cambridge, MA). I think everyone who attended was inspired to buy their own something-acre plot of land, grow mountains of tomatoes and zuccini, and live like a locavore for however long we could last. At least, it inspired me to drink the only somewhat locally brewed organic beer offered at the restaurant we went to afterwards. ;)

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