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May 30, 2007

Viva Viva

On my way to an interview this morning, I stopped in at Viva Espresso and snagged a fruit smoothie. was delightful. The smoothies come in berry, mango and strawberry/banana flavors, and can be made with milk, soymilk or organic yogurt. I had the berry made with soy and was quite pleased.

I also found that Viva's now offering local egg sandwiches made from Lucky Lady eggs and medium Cabot cheddar on Myer's bagels! I'd already eaten breakfast, but I felt it was my obligation to try one for the sake of my blog readers...somebody's gotta do it! The flavor of the cheese was a bit overpowered by the herbs on my bagel, so next time I'd probably opt for sesame instead. Other than that, it was great. They heat the sandwiches on a panini grill, and mine was nice and hot when it was delivered to my table. Guess I'd better skip lunch today!

Gotta run to my interview now...more blogging later!


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I love Viva Espresso. I used to hang out there with the baby when I worked as a nanny. They just have great atmosphere, and are extremely kid friendly as opposed to some of the other coffee shops in town. Plus if you go around 10 AM, you can watch all the Old Spokes Home boys hop off their fixed gears for a quick coffee on their way into work. ;)


I wanted to see where Viva Espresso was so I googled it and found a blog! It hasn't been updated in a long time but there is some info and sweet pictures on it.

Mistress Maeve

I love Viva Espresso. Those ladies got it goin' on. The flavored iced lattes are yummy-licious.

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