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June 02, 2007

I Bet You Can't Guess...

Img_0572_zoomHere's another "guess the subject of this photo" post. As always (or at least the one other time I did one of these), the item in question is a type of food. And I do believe that this one is more difficult than the last one.

Happy guessing!


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Cathy Resmer

It's a veiny grape, really close up.

Cathy Resmer

A grape with blood poisoning...


A fresh Brussels sprout?

Lisa Crean

Squash blossom?

Or maybe I'm just projecting, weary of paying 1.49/lb for sorry-looking grocery store zucchini and praying for abundant hills of local summer squash...;-)


It looks like a pitcher plant. Are pitcher plants edible?


Not a grape with blood poisoning, nor a squash blossom, nor a Brussels sprout...

I'm also not sure if pitcher plants are edible. I think of them as eaters rather than eatees, but that doesn't mean they're not!

Here's a clue...the part you can see in the photo isn't the part we typically eat.


It's one of the pods from the 1979 remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".

Cathy Resmer

It's a nubbin. Some kind of nubbin.


Molly -- You're getting warm. Really. Although a botanist might not consider this to be a pod, the part of the plant that you can see in the photograph does encase the edible portion of the plant. So it's a pod as far as I'm concerned! However, it doesn't contain anything scary...

Cathy -- What's a nubbin??? The dictionary definition is "a stunted ear of corn." Is that what you meant?




Husk of a tomatillo?


We have a winner -- way to go ARM!! It is indeed a tomatillo husk.

For those of you who are really interested in botany, here's some additional info about the tomatillo...

It's in the Solanaceae or Nightshade plant family, along with tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes etc. Other, closer relatives are the Cape Gooseberry and the ornamental Chinese Lantern.

I'll try to find another fun photo soon!


I don't believe you. I think you made it out of papier mâché just to torment me.

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