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June 28, 2007

Lots o' Food News

Hey there! There are few little food news items out there that I want to blog about, here's an aggregate. Have fun!

Do you think she's sexy? New SlimFast Spokeswoman doesn't actually use SlimFast...Rachel Hunter, Rod Stewart's ex, looks just perfect the way she is. She hasn't tried the product she's endorsing, and doesn't necessarily plan to. Weird!! Even weirder, the company's new slogan: "find your slim." First of all, slim -- not a noun. Secondly, it's not like "your slim" is hiding under the bed. I guess the idea is that it's hiding under your fat, and you just need to locate it. Something about that really rubs me the wrong way. Here's a link to Rachel Hunter defending her choice to work for SlimFast. And to add a bit of irony to the mix, Hunter is playing a passionate cook (the type who would probably never let a product like SlimFast past her lips) in an upcoming film, La Cucina.

Ever used conversation hearts to have a serious discussion with your partner? Probably not, given that options are limited to phrases like "Be my hero," and "Purr-fect." Ryan Donlon and Jennifer Farina have just promised to do something similar for the next month. The affianced couple have taken a 30-day long "vow of sweet silence," and will receive $1000 dollars from the Masterfoods/Mars co. in exchange for each day they opt to communicate using only personalized M&M candies. Their options? Clever phrases like "I'm the luckiest" and "u make me smile." Unfortunately, phrases like "by the way, don't drink the's spoiled," and "did you write the damn rent check yet?" don't fit on M&Ms.

Eatin' like an Edwardian.  Giles Coran, the saucy restaurant critic for the London Times, recently subjected himself to a week of excess in the style of Edward VII at the behest of BBC. Says Coran in his article on the experiment, "Some guinea pigs might have been daunted by the prospect of four whopping meals a day, rivers of grog and hardly any fruit, vegetables or water for an entire week. But not I." Ah, the brave soul. Items on the menu: pheasant, kippers, rolled ox tongues, braised celery and mock turtle soup. The tale reads like something from a Roald Dahl story. You should definitely check it out...Appetite for Excess.


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