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June 12, 2007

Strawberry Season

Last week, pints and quarts from Adam's Berry Farm in the Intervale started showing up at City Market. Although the berries weren't as sweet as they'll be a bit later in the month, they were complex and much nicer than the ones coming in from California, methinks. Adam's is also open forImg_0594 578-9093 for hours.

Like your produce Progressive? I checked in with David Zuckerman, organic farmer and chair of the House Agriculture Committee, about when Full Moon Farm's pick-your-own strawberries would be ready. His response: "The end of this week." Call 863-2199 for specifics.

The Charlotte Berry Farm has also got it goin' on...425-3652

Obviously, this list isn't even close to comprehensive. These are just a few of the places I've gone in the past. For more listings, check out this useful site on pick-your-own products from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture.



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Mistress Maeve



Yuh huh! I love it that there are actual phone numbers to call about strawberries! No URL's or email necessary when the berry is fresh! Yums!


We just picked at Mazza's in Essex and YUM the strawberries are delicious. The texture is so nice - just like you said Suzanne - nothing like the CA ones at the big grocery stores.


Hi Jenny! Thanks for the tip on Mazza's. The other Mazza (Sam in Colchester) is having a big strawberry festival this Saturday from 11-4. Sounds like fun!

Kristen Colello

Great blog! I love to see that folks are inquiring about local and/ or home-grown berries!

Kristen Colello

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