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August 24, 2007

Great 863-TOGO Experience

I don't usually delve into my personal life on this blog, but I have to say that Wednesday was a crappy day. In fact, this whole week has been downright depressing.

So when my car broke down just after the Richmond exit on I-89, as I was on my way to an interview in East Montpelier, it was the last straw. After chillin' on the shoulder for a while, getting towed to my mechanic and calling my mom to get a ride home, I was in desperate need of some comfort food. For me, this is either comprised of fatty meats (preferably smoked), any number of potato dishes, soup or Asian food.

Since I couldn't go anywhere distant and didn't feel much like walkin' at that point, I decided to give the online version of the 863-TOGO delivery service a shot. Basically, you go to their website, select a restaurant (Winooski's Pho Dang, in this case), click on the items you want, and they deliver your food. I can be a skeptic sometimes, so I decided to pay cash, just in case they never showed up.

Right after I ordered, I received a confirmation e-mail telling me that my food would arrive by 9:20 p.m. (I'd placed the order at 8:20). At 8:45, the delivery man knocked on my door with a piping hot container of pho, some veggie rolls and my favorite, weird Vietnamese dessert. 25 minutes!! Wow. Not only that, a special request I'd included was honored (I wanted to make sure I got bean sprouts, herbs and lime wedges with my pho). And the restaurant packaged the rice noodles apart from the soup, so they wouldn't get soggy.

The dinner made my night.


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Cathy Resmer

Dang! I still haven't been to Pho Dang, and it's right around the corner...

Must try Pho Dang.

Mistress Maeve

That's great! Maybe it's a good idea to choose a Winooski restaurant, as 863-TOGO is based in Winooski. No extra drive time, so your food has less of a chance to get cold!!

Hope this week is better for you!



Thank you for the blog entry Suzzanne. This was an isolated incident. In most cases we can get food to the customer within 45 minutes; however our service depends on the following: restaurant preparation time, restaurant consistency in putting out the correct takeout order and driver availability. Also, you must factor in if the driver is knowledgeable of the delivery area (streets, dorms etc).

We do strive to be the best restaurant delivery service in the area. We respresent 20 restaurants in the area and take our representation very seriously and try to do a professional job. While picking up from 1 restaurant would be logistally simple, factor in that we pick up from 20 restaurants and on any given night things can go awry.

I am very happy you had a great experience and now that I know you are the sevendays food reviewer - our order takers will get a huge VIP pop-up on our computer screen and a mini fireworks display.

Patrick Kompf
863 TOGO, Inc.


Glad you got your bean sprouts and hot hot veggie rolls! Hope this week brings less stress and a happy car! We should go see a chick flick! ;)


I've been looking for a good delivery place in the Burlington area. Thanks for pointing me to 863-TOGO. I will definitely give them a try.


P.S. Pho Dang is a great Vietnamese restaurant. Not many restaurants have succeeded in that spot and I really hope Pho Dang stays successful.

Mistress Maeve

LOL @ mini fireworks display

I wonder if I'd get the VIP treatment at Good Stuff??


steven h

Yes, I also recently got Pho, dish #6, from Pho Dang and had it delivered through 863-TOGO. It was key for me because I had a throat infection and hot soup with the intent to settle my stress as well as my hunger was needed on a large scale. I have to say that it is cheaper, better and easier to just go there and sit down and eat. However, when in an unfavorable position, using this service can solve problems and only cost 6-8 bucks more, depending on how you tip. And this is not a shameless plug. I go to Pho Dang twice a week because it is fantastic food and very resonably priced. Due to the the fact that our state is largly dining and food service based, and both of my parents worked at and owned restaurants in Stowe, I have been going out to eat since I was very young. I can say that there is little to complain about delicious food at the right price. In regards to the soup called Pho, the combination of hot broth, noodles, veggies, fresh basil, chili sauce and a squirt of fresh lime juice leaves nothing but satisfaction and a warm belly. And by the way, there is another Vietnamese restaurant in Essex Jct that serves Pho as well that is worth checking out.

I hope you have many more throat infections steven!


steven h

Wow, that's messed up!


What's messed up? Throat infections seem to be good for my business...

steven h

Because that throat infection was extremely painful and expensive. I cannot understand why anyone would hope that anyone would have one throat infection, and definitely not wish for more throat infections. Next time, I suggest that you choose your words more carefully before you try to improve your amount of business. I will now boycott your service do to your rudeness and lack of professionalism.

You know I was kidding! :) You have to have a sense of humor in this town or you will dry up like a 3 week old flower.

Steven Hodska

You should be more concerned about your business drying up from new customers.

Steven Hodska

You should be more concerned about your business drying up from new customers.

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