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September 25, 2007

Retroactive Vacation Notification

So, I was on vacation last week, and in the rush to get ready to go, I didn't have time to throw up a post to say that I was leaving.

Unfortunately, I didn't have a slew of exciting dining experiences over that week, 'cause I spent most of it moving to a new apartment and scarfing down all kinds of take-out, not "dining" or cooking.

There were two culinary high points, though. One was a dinner at The Kitchen Table Bistro in Richmond, which I'll describe in detail in another post. The other was a meal cooked over a campfire at Groton State Park.

After failing to catch any fish, or even see any fish, we cheated by driving a couple miles to a convenience store and buying a frozen elk steak. We thawed it in the lake while we canoed, seasoned it with salt and pepper that we'd taken from the store in a mini envelope made from a napkin, and served it with couscous mixed with canned peas and yams. The couscous could have used something else to spice it up, but the smoky elk steak was really, really good.

Anyway, now I'm back, and can commence blogging again...


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Cat Woodward

Where is this elk-selling convenience store?


Hi Cat. I believe it's called the Upper Valley Grill and General Store, and it's near Groton State Forest just a couple miles from Ricker Pond.

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