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September 28, 2007

The World's Weirdest Soda Company

There's nothing like the nose-tingling aroma of Ben-Gay or that of fresh grass. Apparently, the wacky folks at Jones Soda Co. thought they might taste good, too. The Seattle-based biz recently released their new sports cream and natural field turf sodas as part of a limited-edition, football-themed five-pack dedicated to the Seattle Seahawks. The others flavors in the mix are perspiration, dirt and sweet victory.
    At $19.99 for a collectible set, with labels featuring Seahawks players, the drinks might seem kind of steep. But where else, asks the author of an article on, can you take a swig of liquid that tastes salty "with a smooth, 'stinky football sock' finish?"
    This isn't the drink maker's first foray into the world of odd. Although they do produce classics such as orange and cream and root beer, they also have crushed melon, fufu berry and blue bubblegum. Even stranger, for several years, Jones put out an array of holiday sodas that included turkey & gravy, Brussels sprout and pumpkin pie. A case of their soda is like a liquid version of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans (which boast fascinating flavors like: kidney beans, mayonnaise, centipede, caviar, cod, bacon, baking soda, toe nails and Worcestershire sauce).
    Wanna know what the holiday sodas are like without having to suffer yourself? Read all about one group's taste test here.
    Prior to learning about Jones Soda Co., I thought that celery soda was the most intriguing soda flavor out wrong I was. But don't make the mistake, like I did, of thinking that the U.S.A. corners the market on crazy drinks. A bit more research turned up "octopus ball soda" from Japan!


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