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September 11, 2007

Vermont Food in the Blogosphere

Yep, I've been a bad blogger...but here's a new exciting feature that I'll attempt to deliver regularly.

In my incessant search for food news, I notice many posts about Vermont products on blogs based all over the country. Sometimes I've referred to these posts in my Side Dishes column, but they don't all fit.

So, each week I'm going to compile a list of these tidbits for your reading pleasure.

Here goes...(click on the name of the blog to see the Vermont specific post)

1) The very thorough and likely toothless folks at Candyblog takes a look at VerMints. What do they learn? That neither the friendly little tins nor the candies inside are actually made in Vermont. WTF? Does the fact that Vermont spring water is an ingredient make this acceptable? I'm not sure. In better news, the Candybloggers think the mints taste pretty good.
2) On a blog called The Queso-Files (ooh, funny), they put together a virtual cheese plate of the week. On the week in question, Jasper Hill's Bartlett Blue made the grade. Of the four chosen cheeses, it was the only one from the U.S. The others hailed from Scotland, Italy and Spain.
3) If you've read the Julie/Julia Project blog, you might get the slightest sense of deja vu when you check out French Laundry at Home. Like Julie, blogger Carol is determined to cook her way through a culinary masterpiece (The French Laundry Cookbook, in her case; Mastering the Art of French Cooking, for Julie). But I have a soft spot for everything FL related, since I had the best meal of my life there on my wedding night, and I've even made a couple of complicated recipes from the cookbook. But the main reason I'm mentioning FLAH here is that Carol uses Vermont mascarpone, creme fraiche and honey when she cooks.
4) After learning about the new organic maple liqueur from Green Mountain Distillers, the dude at Martini Groove came up with a special drink called "The French Toast" to celebrate. But beware...according to his post, he hasn't actually tried his own recipe.
5) Technically, this article from the Washington Post doesn't belong on my list (as The Post isn't a blog)...but who cares. The article is mainly about chicken suppers, and makes our little state sound oh so quaint.

O.k...I think five is enough to start with, but stay tuned for more of these posts in the future!



Thanks for the link to the Washington Post article. All that talk about the Richmond Congregational Church Chicken Pie supper is great! But much to my chagrin, I live in Richmond and have not yet made this feast. What the heck is wrong with me? "Those biscuits are made not with vegetable shortening, margarine or even butter. The shortening is chicken fat skimmed from the pot, producing a biscuit as flaky as Mount Mansfield in January." I'm calling to make reservations tomorrow.


Thanks for these links. Interesting.... I thought you might be interested in knowing that I do post about food, restaurants, and dining in Vermont on occasion on The Cure for Everything, a blog created by my friend Voltaire. For example, here's a review of pane e salute in Woodstock and some comments about the article about Woodstock that appeared in the New York Times. There are also
about a fundraiser that Molly Stevens did in Woodstock for Vermont Fresh.

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