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October 18, 2007

Eating "The Onion"

There aren't many publications that are funnier than The Onion. Delightfully, many of the satirical pub's articles happen to be about everyone's favorite topic: food.

Here's a tasty sampler:

1) Pudding-Factory Disaster Brings Slow, Creamy Death to Town Below
2) Top Rated Programs on the Food Network
3) Fast-Food Purchase Seething with Unspoken Class Conflict
4) Enchanted Spatula Can Only be Used to Flip Food by One Who Is Pure and Thought and Deed
5) America's Favorite Food Additives
6) New  High-Viscosity Mayonnaise to Aid in American Swallowing
7) Snacktime Made More Fun
8) FDA Approves Seconds


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Really enjoyed the collection of links to The Onion articles on food---great stuff!


Thanks Chef JP! I laughed out loud while reading some of them...always a good sign. I'm gonna add your blog to my blog roll. I love the bits of food history you sprinkle throughout.

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