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November 23, 2007

Another Thanksgiving Gone...

It's the day after Thanksgiving and I'm tired. Not as tired as people who had to fly or drive long distances to attend a holiday gathering, but tired nonetheless.  And I can't blame it on the turkey.

Maybe it's because my husband and I made Thanksgiving dinners two nights in a row. On the first night, we cooked for my dad. On the second, for my mom and aunt. We used almost entirely local ingredients -- many from my Pete's Greens winter farm share. Here are the menus:

With Dad:
Smoked salmon pizza (dad made it)
Minestrone (also dad)
Roasted squash gnocchi with Bayley Hazen blue sauce
Lamb shoulder stuffed with lamb sausage, duxelles, and bread crumbs
Pumpkin Pie

With Mom & Aunt:
Greens with toasted walnuts, apples and goat cheese. Cider vinaigrette with shallots.
Creamy celeriac and chestnut soup
Breadsticks (mom)
Scalloped potatoes topped with cave-aged Gruyere
Spiced cranberry jelly (yes, from scratch)
Cheesecake with apple topping (mom and aunt)
Cinnamon-raisin babka (mom and aunt)

What did you have?


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Mistress Maeve

Mmmm... that post just made me HUNGRY.

My Thanksgiving was my mom's yummy standard menu:

Gravy (so good!)
Mashed potatoes
Candied yams
Sweet potatoes
Creamed onions
Bread that my nephews made
Cranberry sauce (from a can — mmmmm)

Pumpkin chiffon pie with real whipped cream
Chocolate pie
Berry pie
Peach pie

...and lots of white wine.

But the best part was the sandwich I made at midnight :)

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