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November 06, 2007

Time Mag's "10 Questions"

Since 2002, as far as I can tell via Google research, Time Magazine has been doing a fun feature called "10 Questions With [insert the name of a celebrity here]." Sometimes the questions have been posed by one of their journalists. Other times, they come from members of the public.

This week, they talked to bad-ass chef Anthony Bourdain, asking him about the worst thing he's ever eaten and why he gets squeamish when he sees animals killed. With Bourdain's inclusion, I decided to search the site for other chefs or food writers.  Historically, foodie folks aren't high on Time's list of people to question. Despite (or perhaps because of) the celebrity chef craze, I was only able to locate three culinarians in the archives.


1) Anthony Bourdain (needs no further introduction)
2) Keith McNally (restaurateur) 
3) Margaret Fulton (Aussie cookbook author)

Here are a few I'd love to see in the future...

1) Jeffrey Steingarten
2) Julie of the Julie/Julia project
3) Ferran Adria
4) Michael Pollan
5) Jonathan Gold (won a Pulitzer for restaurant criticism)

Any you'd add to the list?


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Rachael R-- ha ha ha ha ha ha HAAAAAA. Snort, giggle, cough.

Sorry, couldn't keep a straight face.


What about Alice Waters? Marion Nestle? Mark Bittman? Nigella?


Hi Addison Girl. All people I'd love to chat with. Also, Harold McGee and Gael Greene.

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