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December 17, 2007

Hunting and the Localvore (Locavore) Movement

This morning I came across an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times about whether or not hunting and fishing fit into the localvore lifestyle. It's something I've been thinking about a bunch since our hunting issue. Here's the NYT piece, and a few related links.

~ NYT: Locavore, Get Your Gun by Steve Rinella
~ Maine Hunting Today: Is Hunting and Consuming Game Now Being Considered Eco-Friendly? by Tom Remington
~ National Geographic: Hunters: For Love of the Land by Robert M. Poole
~ Times Argus: Posted Land, Development, Hamper Vermont Hunters by Andrew Nemethy

I'm sure there are many others...I'll keep an eye out.


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Interesting reads. I'm a Vermonter, born and bred, and have always supported hunting even though I've never participated in it personally. I started posting my own land four years ago. Why? Flatlanders. I used to post "Hunting by permission only" signs on my property. I like to know who's on my land and whether or not there's a chance I'll get shot if I take a walk through the woods during the season. Too many times folks from away would park on my property and head into the woods without so much as a "howdy, do you mind if we hunt here."

I know a lot of very good hunters. As many of these articles suggest, they are often the true outdoorsmen (and women). They care a great deal for the wild environment. These are the folks who'll stop by my house before hunting season and ask if I mind if they hunt on my land. Unfortunately, too many others are the irresponsible types who don't show any respect for my property. Even though I post my property, I still let hunters use it - I just want to know they're there.



Hi C. from Howling Hog! Your position totally makes's too bad that a few irresponsible hunters are giving the excellent ones a bad name.

Aside from hunting stuff, how's the 'cue going these days? Are you working on anything exciting for next year's competition?

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